Tamim told about his goals in the Asia Cup

Published: August 17, 2018, 11:37

Asia Cup is held on 15 September in the United Arab Emirates. Bangladesh has been a great success in recent events. Tigers did not get the taste of the title positive. So they want to continue step by step. The primary goal of the Tigers is to first qualify for the second round. Tigers left the left-handed Tamim Iqbal and said:

He told the media that the first two matches are very important to us. To achieve the desired success, it will be in the second round. We will prepare for that goal. We want to go step by step.

Bangladesh will have to fight a lot to win the title. Because India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka will play in this tournament. Tigers can only take the trophy if they lose them. However, Tamim is not thinking about the finals, it will not be wise to think about it right now. We have to win two of our matches before we go to the second round. Who will play against those two games, they will have to think about their strength. I have to work with how to succeed against the opponents.

Tamim, who was very optimistic about completing the initial goal, will play against them in the first two games. They have lost them well in their time. Hope that it works. InshaAllah will prepare well.

In terms of playing PSL Abu Dhabi and Dubai, circumstances have a good experience Tamim He believes he will not be afraid of the circumstances. We have been playing there for almost two years now. The pitch-wicket can be rough, but there is a suspicion. Know the weather too. We are optimistic to do everything right.
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