The head of the forbidden Palestine football team, which makes bad remarks against Messi

The Palestinian football chief condemned Messi for the World Cup of match between Israel and Argentina in Jerusalem. Because of the barbaric Israeli attack on the Palestinian people, the Messengers did not want Argentina to play matches in Jerusalem. There has been a lot of procession. In the end, Argentina canceled the match in Jerusalem. At that time, the controversial commentary on Messi was made by Jibril Rajuob, the president of the Palestinian football federation. He urged the Palestinians to fire the picture of the Messi and sweaters. Because of that remark, Fifa was sentenced to death by Jibril Razaou. For the first year he was banned by the highest supervisory authority of football. Also 20,000 Swiss francs have been fined. FIFA said in a statement that Rajoub & # 39; s comments & # 39; the promotion of hatred and violence. goods. That is why the head of the Palestinian football team had to undergo the punishment. Because of sanctions, he will not be able to participate in any political activity in the coming year. Can not attend the gallery in a game. In response to FIFA sanctions, the Palestinian football federation said it was completely incompatible, ridiculous and above full evidence.

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