The history of real opponents, Cortao!

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Real Madrid faces Real Madrid in La Liga today at 14:15 pm Real Madrid face Real Madrid The history of the team is proof of the hardest to win for this season in Real Madrid. Goalkeeper Thibo Koertova also becomes the inaugural match for Real. In the first game of the season, the real history of Costa Rica is also eye-catching

Coach Hulen Lopeztegie celebrated his debut as coach of Real Madrid in La Liga. That is against Gautif Real going to the Zirona field today. If you win this competition, you will make real history. But against history, the eyes wander through the two things. One, the history of the season in the Real Madrid competition and the newest member of the team – Thibo-quarto!

Let's say for the realization what happens to Real. Real never won in Girona & s field Estadi Montilivi. Last season it was first seen. The Madrid club had to lose 2-1 in the one-shot game. A great challenge for Loptegyi to win the Zerona field. But to win this challenge, Lopeztech will have a & # 39; bad habit & # 39; of Real must change.

La Liga has won the first two games of the season in the last 18 seasons Because the team won the first game, for winning the second game, this "unwanted" record spreads the eyes of the disciples of Lopeztech But the sixfold Real League wins the first two games, the most recent season 2016-17. After winning the four games under Zinedine Zidane or Sevase, Real entered the fifth game and Real had a draw with Viariall. La Liga has won the Seal of Real Tommy Crowe, Karim Benzemara can be inspired from the season.

Interestingly, this motivation of Benzemad & # 39; s invisible & obstruction & # 39; the history of Thibo Costavar. The best keeper of the World Cup has bought 35 million euros from Chelsea. After 16 days of Real practice, he makes his debut today – & # 39; Los Blanco & # 39; among the three strips – what the goal post means. This is the problem! Throughout his career, in the first season of his career, he only once had a clean slate & # 39; kept up.

Seven seasons ago, Atletico did not score any goal in the debut match in Madrid, the keeper of the Belgian. In the last six seasons, his first game could not keep the net intact. Before Atlético was confirmed, he had digested the target in the first game of the season for Geek. Moreover, Chelsea could not keep the net in the debut against Barlowe in 2013. Real hopes that one of the world's best keepers will break the line today!

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