The Palestinian football chef is banished by threatening Messi

(Priyakama) For the Russia World Cup in June, Argentina was scheduled to play friendly matches with Israel at the Teddy Stadium in Jerusalem. Lionel Messi's last preparatory match before Russia's participation in the World Cup But the preparatory competition had the upper hand for the political conflict between Israel and Palestine.

The Palestinian Football Association, with all efforts to stop the game of Israel-Argentina, In the first letter, the Argentine Football Association (AFA) urged the Palestinian football chef Jibril Rajoob to cancel the match in Jerusalem. He said the match is a "political tool". used to be.

But it did not work, Messi burned sweaters and photos and threatened to protest, President Jibril Rajab of the Palestinian Football Association. At that moment, he said, "Messi is a great symbol, we will attack him personally, and we urge her to burn her jerseys and photos and abandon her. & # 39;

Messi has canceled the game against Israel for security reasons. However, the head of the Jibril Rajoob of the Palestinian Football Association did not take good care of the threat from FIFA. FIFA is forbidden from all forms of football for one year as a punishment for such a joke.

In a statement, the highest regulator of international football said that the statement of Jibreel Rajoub caused people to "hate and violence." has encouraged. He was fined $ 20,000, including a 12-month ban as a punishment for him. The Palestinian football manager will not be able to play a role in football matters at the moment.

The Teddye Stadium in Jerusalem, selected for the friendly match because the Palestinians are so angry at that match. There was once a village in Palestine. But in 1948 the Israeli army, occupied by building the stadium, destroyed the village.

Source: Al-Bawba

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