The resurrection of Europe wins sport

Luca Modritch from Croatia won the European Cup in Europe. Those who watched the spectacular spectacle of Monaco on Thursday evening, along with star winners, female broadcasters must not have missed their eyes. He is a Bangladeshi-born British journalist, Reshamin Chowdhury. Not only this time he was in charge of the ceremony.

Reshamm was born in 1977 in London. Although the birthplace of the British, this female journalist of Bengali origin, because of her parents and father. He has been working in BT Sports in England since 2014. He appeared regularly in major football events such as the Champions League and the UEFA Europa League and took the lead over BT Sports. In the same series, Rashmina has seen the role of the captain in the main table of the Champions League draw.

The 40-year-old Reshammine has given a presentation about BBC Sport. After leaving Manchester United in 2008, he took Ronaldo's first interview after joining Real Madrid. At that time, however, he worked as a reporter and presenter on Real Madrid TV. He is as efficient in both French and Spanish as Bengali and English.

Reshma was born in the Bengali Muslim family and was born and raised in London. After graduating from the University of Bath, he completed his journalistic newspaper degree. The BBC has also done the famous media. Fans of football fans Rashmin & # 39; s favorite English Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur

He is also a singer alongside journalism. Works with the famous musician Nitin Shanee In 2006 a song was sung that was sung in a British film called "The Namesake & # 39 ;.

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