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The difference in income of the cricketers in the country is enormous. And the captain of the team receives many salaries from the other members. The English captains are at the forefront here. Cricket fans know that Mashrafe Bin Mortaza or Shakib Al Hasan of Bangladesh also receive no low salaries. Now let's look at the salaries of 9 other countries, with the exception of the Cricket Board of Bangladesh:

Joe Root and Eoin Morgan: England's Test and ODI team captain Joe Root and Auon Morgan got the same earnings. Their monthly income is about 83 Lakhs.

Virat Kohli: Indian captain is currently one of the most popular in the world. From the revenue side, he also ranked two in the captain's list. Currently, Kohli's monthly salary is 70.5 lakhs in the currency of Bangladesh.

Tim Paine: Young cricket captain of the Cricket Australia Although no great success has been achieved with a rich government, his nicknames are of course as big as his salary. Currently he receives a monthly salary of Tk 69 lakhs in the currency of Bangladesh.

Kane Williamson: Although he is a big star, he earns the captain of New Zealand, but less than many others. Kane gave only 34.5 lakh rupees for his country's cricket board.

Faf Duplessis: [1 9459005] Captain of South Africa, but received less than the first 3 people. His monthly salary is 30.3 lakh taka in the currency of Bangladesh.

Dinesh Chandimal and Angelo Mathews: Captain Captain of Sri Lanka, Chandimal On the other hand, Sri Lanka's leader Mathews in ODI & # 39; s and T20 format Both received a monthly salary of a little over Tk 22 million in the currency of Bangladesh.

Jason Holder: No previous day. Apart from T20, the West Indians will gradually retire in the rest of the format. The monthly income of the captain of this team is less than in the other country. He receives a monthly salary of 18.75 lakhs.

Sarfaraz Ahmed: Captain of Pakistan cricket team. Although he has given many titles to the country, he earns a lot less salary than others. His monthly salary is only about 6.5 million rupees in Bengali currency.

Gregory Kremer: [1 9459005] Zimbabwe Cricket, plagued by poverty and corruption Some cricket players are still struggling to get the team out of such a bad situation. One of his captains Graeme Kremer His monthly salary is 5.93 lakhs in the currency of Bangladesh.

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