The twin sister Ana-Anuing provided the basis for victory

Anai Magnie and Anhinging Magnie differ in the age of two minutes. The twin sisters on the hill play football together on a red-green sweater. On Thursday, Thimphu took the first two from Bangladesh's five goals against Bhutan, while the two two players played in the pot. Twenty minutes of enchantment of twins in the space of 20 minutes on earth. Anaiyyyy's goal after 18 minutes went through the bar after 38 minutes.

After his birth it grew the same way – Anjuing football is also growing up. In the semi-finals of the Under-15 Women's Safa Championship, the twin sisters achieved a big victory. But the difference between the two is in one place. A big sister participated in the football field and continued to hold the attack in an aggressive attack. Two spectacular goals came from two feet of foot in two positions in the game.

In the 18th minute, Madan Mandar took a corner shot of shortened Karna; Shamsunnahar; But Bhutan's defender stopped it. Bhutan & # 39; s defender could not take the ball away. Leave the ball outside the box. The shaky shots of Bhutan shocked Bangladesh 1-0 after losing the game.

Seeing Anending Magnini, inspired by the spectacular goals of the big sister, can be inspiring. That is why his spectacular rounds will be seen in man for a long time. The Bhutan keeper became stupid in his right-footed safe outside the box.

The lack of Khagrachari comes together in the Marma family, two children. Those who did not understand it earlier, their parents Ana-Anu struggled to give food after the birth of his father Ripro Magini and mother Apurma Magnini. Now the girls have taken the lives of the parents & # 39; very well. He also played football again.

After being champion of the Bangladesh Under-15 Clear Championship last December, two sisters came in handy for a lot of money. Anu-Anuing & # 39; s parents gave them home. Some pieces of land also bought. Two twin sisters in the struggle for lack of support are now parents and children. After the birth of their parents, the breast of their parents was now thicker than the folded forehead of the father. The return of the Bhutan trophy and financially the Marma family of Khagrachori will also benefit again.


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