There is no indictment against Zidane

Despite the fact that he has given less chance for Real Madrid last season, there is no charge against the coach Zinedine Zidane, midfielder Danny Cabals. The 22-year-old footballer, who was given the opportunity to play in 12 games for La Liga in Los Angeles, played only 12 balls for Los Blancos. In the meantime, only four times the best eleven has a place.
After the departure of Zidane, the new coach Jules Loptegui took over the responsibility after the Kebals had a place in the first game of the competition against Geetaph. Madrid won 2-0 in the game.
Responding to a question about getting fewer chances in the previous season after the game, Cabelos said: "I have no complaints against Zidane, she gave me more adulthood, getting someone's self-confidence is not an easy task, I now get a chance as a result. of the hard work of the year, which makes me happy. & # 39;

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