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Current football is & # 39; the world's most valuable club, Real Madrid. The Spanish team is also famous for its heritage. There is no success like that of a club. The supporter of the club around the world is more than any other club. But despite the surprising, the effect of going to Cristiano Ronaldo is very well read in the popular club.

On the previous day in Santiago Bernabeu, Real played against Gaitiff. In the first game of the red competition, the fans are very interested in the competition. But surprisingly, local fans did not have much interest in this competition. Only 48,446 supporters were present in the stadium. The capacity of the stadium is 81,044. That means that about 41 percent of the seats were empty.

Ronaldo joined Rial in 2009. Since then there have been fewer meetings in Barnabu. However, the authorities of the La Liga have taken a little time back for the convenience of local visitors. The game started at 22.15 local time. But it did not work. For the club of Ronaldo there have been a lot of heavy rain showers.

Bernabeu saw fewer visitors in May 2009. Real, who lost to Malorco in the match, 3-1 goals, Real The team bought in the summer players like Ronaldo, Kaka, Xavi Alonso and Karim Benzema. Then they did not look back. But after Ronaldo left the team after so many years, the team saw the viewer drought again.

After Ronaldo left the team, many fans started to unfold Real Madrid via Real Madrid. Even Ronaldo has developed Real Instagram. It was then understood that the effect of going to the Portuguese star will decrease somewhat. That is why, in the first game of the competition, it would be thought that no one could think.

But Real Madrid played a fantastic night on Sunday night. After losing in the UEFA Super Cup against Atletico Madrid, the team lost a good 2-0 victory over Hotfi. Although Ronaldo did not understand his lack of field play, the Welsh star Gareth Bale did not understand. Although it was missing in the field, Ronaldo & # 39; s lack of clarity in the gallery.

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