There was no obstacle to the desire of Shirin sport

There was no obstacle to the will of Shirin

Shirin Akhter earned the honor of being the fastest female seven times in the national athletic championships of Bangladesh, seven times champion. The University of Shirin Rajshahi last year honored the history and culture of Islam. He was good at sports since his youth. So despite the objections of the family, he has written his name in the sports diet of the country.

Shirin, daughter of Satkhira, was the first in every school competition at her school. So he became interested in BKSP students. In 2007, when he was student 7, he took part in the Talent Hunt Camp of BKSP. Parents and parents did not even want to participate in the Shirin camp. But no ban could prevail for his unwavering will. The desire to become an athlete in this camp gives him more speed.

Shirin said before he participated, he did not understand what the camp was like? Part of her dream began to become more colorful. Shirin was a BKSSP student from 2007 to the year 0014. From 2007 to 2012 he became the fastest teenager in the country. The fastest woman ever from 2014 to 2018 It is a record for the country. Shirin was always the first at school, university and university. Despite the fact that they played well in all cases, the parents did not want the girl to play. Shirin said, as long as I have strength, I will be involved in sports. The money I earn through the game is the price of buying my practice and the necessary entourage. No money can be saved. So the family does not want that & # 39; future & # 39; is in line with the athletics of children. Shirin also said that this situation in our country has only changed in the field of cricket. Their popularity and promotion have reached such places that they have no lack of sponsorship. BCB is in a very strong position. But in other games Khulals of Bangladesh could not reach that place. That is why many country talents of the country are lost prematurely.

Shirin said he earned the BKSP Year Honor Award 2014. In South Asia Sports Competition in 2016, he won two bronze medals. Action Aid Women's Day honors and Sufia Kamal received the honor of the Athletics Federation. Shirin participated in the 2014 Olympic Games and the Commonwealth Games 2016. Dreams will bring gold as part of the South Asian Games competition for Bangladesh.

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