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Soumya Sarkar made his debut in the national team. It was great to start But the young batsman is slowly lost. When the team in Dubai is in the Asia Cup, he is busy to recapture himself. As usual, coach Salahuddin was reminded of it. The former Fielding Coach of the national team works closely with him. Starting with Shakib Al Hasan, Tamim Iqbal, Mominul Haque and Soumya ran to the Coach. Coach also offered the opportunity to correct the mistakes of the disciples. For that reason he knows what he has to do because of gentleness and what he has to do to get out of there. Salauddin said of Soumya's failure: "I think there are some technological problems in the solar system, I do not think he has a mental problem, his play would have been different one day-if he had mental problems. out of something, there's a technical problem here and nothing else, and it will not take too much effort to repair it, he's been thinking about the game lately, yes, extra thinking can certainly be in conflict with interest Additional attempts may conflict with interests for many, but I think he is thinking about a specific issue, it will bring many results for him. "Salauddin said," How can I get rid of this problem? " spin off. Most of these two are rejected. Mid-wicket and long are seen as outside on the outside. If you analyze his entire game, it looks like he is out of the way. It is a technical problem, he is not sure where he is going. It is easy to catch them. If we look at the type outside, it is clear that it is not very difficult to repair them. He will become a better batsman if he solves his technical problems. & # 39;

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