Who is this Khalil Ahmed in the Indian team?

Khalil Ahmed, the left-handed pacemaker in the Asia Cup, handed the new face to the left. Who is this Khalil Ahmed?

Pa was the compounder. He did not want to play the boy. The way up was so friendly. But Khalil Ahmed had unmatched morale and concentration. Today, on the road of the friend in the capital of & # 39; Man in Blues & # 39; Certainly, who is this Khalil Ahmed again!

Cricketer. Born in the remote region of the state of Tonk The field is more known for the production of the pitcher than the cricketer. Here is a game of tennis with Khalil. The dream was far away. Be the big cricketer. Pa is excluded Why is this wish in the relationship? Tanka Cricket Academy's coach Imtiaz Ali Khan convinced Khalil's father to finally explain it. That is the path that has begun, and it will continue, now in India's one-day squad. In the Asia Cup Rohit Sharma and Lokesh share the same dressing room with Rahul.

Khalil has played for Sunrisers Hyderabad in the IPL. Photo: TwitterThe hints of Khalil's rise are not suggested at all. The left-handed pacemist has received a lot of enchantment from bowling like Wasim Akram. With speed also satisfying. This year the 20-year-old Yousuf walked 150 km per hour in Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy. You can swing on both sides indoors and outdoors. Zaheer Khan, India & # 39; s next in the eye of this young destiny

India's domestic cricket is not just a matter of just one season, but it is not a big one. Khalil has made this impossible. He has only two first-class matches to experience. Although the experience of playing T-Twenty and A & # 39; A & # 39; good is. Another sharp aspect of his bowling is that he can constantly make a bouncy castle about every wicket. In the Asia Cup he calls the team for the United Arab Emirates.

Khalil & # 39; s talent was very small at the start of the career. When Khalil joined the World Youth World Cup in India's Under-19 team two years ago, his bowling was simply speedy and bouncing. The right-handed batsmen would be the & # 39; angle & # 39; use it for bowling. Swing has met in the past two years, while Delhi in Zaheer Khan was in Daredevils. Former Indian fast bowler, then captain of Delhi Although Khalil franchisee did not have the opportunity to play a match, he learned from Zaheer how to swing on both sides of the wicket.

After he had been called to the national team and thanked Zaheer for his gratitude, Kholil said: "I have never bled before, can not figure out the tactics, Zahir worked with my hand (right hand) and the wrists. grip are also solved and now I can put the ball into the righthanded batsman. & # 39;

After winning the trophy and Deodhar Trophy in Vijay Hazare, Khalil got two wickets in Ranji match with two matches. But after he was called in the A-team of India, he knew very well during the tour through England and the four domestic tournaments of the A-team. His total of 15 games in the last 9 matches of & # 39; A & # 39; team is 15. "The Wall" – Rahul Dravid, has laid the foundation for Khalil's mentality to become a major cricket player.

Dravid was his coach in the Khalil Indian Under-19 squadron. There is no language to express gratitude to Khalil. Listen to him, he says: & # 39; There is no language to express gratitude. In the team under 19 I made a lot of mistakes in the beginning. The confidence was low. I got my trust under Dravid. His most fantastic thing is that he always gives complete freedom to the players in the field. Encourage something new. His influence is very much in my career.

Although Khalil's career was created in the form of Dravid, his ideal, but Zaheer Khan Khalil wants to be like this legendary pacifist left arm in India. Zahir's testimony with the former disciple: "Keep an eye on him. A promising bowler But he will have to work a lot. He has the ability to become a contest winner.

Indian media have indicated that Khalil has been invited to choose left-handed paceman because of the pacemakers on the right side of the team. For the right-handed batsman, the ball can be placed inside – like one from Zaheer Khan or Irfan Pathan in one go. In the Asia Cup the Khalil World Cup will also be considered, if we can do it, the media of the country have indicated. When the boy starts playing cricket with a tennis ball, when he is in such a dream, what does he think of himself?

Khalil is very enthusiastic. He is shocked to be called into the national team! & # 39; Can you say that it still shudders. I do not believe that I am a member of the Indian team. All cricketers have a dream to represent the country. My dream has come true.

To be true, how far can this dream be, how far it can be drawn, that is the point of view.

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