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Insurans 2 Go
The investigation showed that the smartphone screen, the back button, the lock button and the toilet on the home button
There are more pathogens than seats and hot flashes.

Researchers have conducted this research into Insurans 2Go. It has been said – to get ideas out of it
The inhabitants of the United Kingdom do not clean the smartphone.

In the study
More than a third of the smartphone users are a cleaned liquid or the like
The smartphone is not cleaned by the news – British Tabloid Mirror.

In just six months, only one of the 20 people has erased the smartphone, the report said
Is called.

The survey was conducted with three smartphone customers. Among them are Apple iPhone,
Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel user. In the study of aerobic bacteria,
Fungus and microbial habitat has been tested.

If the accommodation is zero in every square centimeter, it is considered not infected.
The amount of this device on the smartphone screen is 2.454.9, where the toilet seats and sink units are available
The amount is only 24

Elite aesthetics about how this germ can affect the skin and health
And much more. Shirin Lakhani said: "Our smartphone is really skin pollution and skin problems
Large medium that causes acne. "

" The skin
Friction, heat and pressure are all causes of skin problems that come from the smartphone. "

" Oil
The pressure in the gland causes more oil than the microscopic of your phone screen
Bacteria mixed with oil, as well as the heat of the phone is the birth of more bacteria
It. This causes burns and acne in the skin. "

Cleaning the smartphone with alcohol recommended that bacteria can be free
And much more. Lakhani.

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