25 million Apple Computer

Apple & # 39; s founder Steve Jobs used a computer auction. The expected price can be 25 crores taka.

But Steve Jobs used, why the old computer price so much? One reason, it is an original Apple-1 computer, made in 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. The computer is still active today.

Apple's first computer-made computer was the Apple-1 series of computers. One of the first computers in the world was the Apple-1 computer.

A computer in the series is involved in the auction. The model is known as the & # 39; byte shop-style Apple-1 & # 39 ;.

For the Californian Byte Shop 200 different computers have been made in a way like Jobes and Ojaniyac.

The auction company, RR Axhan, said the computer was set up as working in June of this year. Apple Computer expert Corey Cohen was responsible for restoring the computer.

Cohen also delivered a condition report on the computer. According to him, it still gets 10 and 8.5 numbers.

The work has been completed successfully for 8 hours in his exam. He said that when he saw this machine, it was understood that at that time Apple was the best machine in the world made by the company. Nowadays this computer may not be usable for everyone, but it is certainly a rare addition for the collectors.

(DhakaTimes / August 28 / AZ)

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