& # 39; Apple Car & # 39; could come in 2023

This is it
Many experts in the industry believe that the Apple Car project can be canceled. This is about the problem
Ming-chi good from TF International Securities gave [1 9659002] Earlier KGI Securities was an analyst from the source. False forgery of accurate information about Apple
There they are.

The well
On Tuesday, Macriumers & # 39; report said, "Apple product service, an orange
Reality headset and an Apple car with two trillion US dollars at market price
The American technology giant will achieve it. "

A new note was sent to the source. According to his idea Apple products that will be revealed in the future
There will be a list.

According to the report, "Apple unveils an Apple car from 2023 to 2025,
This car will be the & # 39; next surprise & # 39; from Apple. According to Queo, this Apple Car Automobiles Market Revolution
Bring it, just like the iPhone in 2007. "

Quo has not provided details about this car. And when the car will be well revealed
It has not been announced yet.

The technology giant secretly hides the plans of the car.

The largest number of autonomous vehicles approved in California, USA.

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