58 accounts of Iran's involvement include Google – bdnews24.com

In a blog, Google's Vice-President of Global Affairs, Kent Walker, said the company identified YouTube accounts of 39 English-language accounts, 13 Google Plus accounts, and six blogger blogs "Inspired by political fraud" and canceled ".

These accounts are linked to the broadcast of the Islamic Republic of Iran or the IRRI, according to the US Press CNBC report.

He said: "Over the past few months, we have identified and stopped government sponsored activities in different countries, targeting political campaigns, human rights activists, journalists and teachers around the world."

Earlier this week, the world's largest social network, Facebook and microblogging site Twitter took the same footprint. These social media identify the spread of false information via two Russian and Iranian accounts.

Earlier in July, Facebook said that the & # 39; bogus behavior & # 39; around the mid-midterm elections in November.

According to Wakir, Google has intervened on January 1, 2017. And this program was "part of the entire operation of the IRIB."

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