A dirty smartphone screen than the toilet seat!

If you think the toilet seat is dirty in the world where the bacteria germinate, take a good look at your smartphone. A recent study shows that there are three times as many bacteria on the screen of the smartphone as on the toilet seat. [1 9659002] From the study of Insurance & # 39; to Go (Insurance2Go) & # 39; from England showed that 35 percent of people have ever seen their smartphones with bacterial fluids

Sky.com said on Saturday, quotes from research, mostly smartphone screen televisions TC chair is three times as dirty than that.

One smartphone user cleans his phones every six months.

Researchers have found an iPhone 6, a Samsung Galaxy 8 and a Google Pixel set, with bacterial and easiest germs. Check whether the amount has been collected. They discovered that these bacteria can be found in all parts of the smartphone.

Most bacteria on the screen of smartphones, however, can cause various health problems, including dermatology.

Three telephone sets per centimeter. 2.54 units or cluster bacteria have been found. That is an average of 84.9 units of germ in each set.

On the other hand, 24 unit germs found in toilets and flush. The study showed that only five microbe cells were found in an office keyboard and mouse.

On average 30 units of smartphones have 23.8 units in the lock button and 10.6 units of germs in the home button.

Gary Biston, sales and marketing officer for two-wheelers, said, "Mobile is always on our side, so it's mandatory to take germs from everywhere."

Currently, a fifth of adult British citizens more time at work than online.

Two adult people in every five minutes See their phone 65 percent of people under 35 years watch the phone screen for five minutes before going to bed five minutes before they go to sleep.


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