Apple battery is closed during battery explosion –

The Indian media reportedly closed the store to break the battery of the iPad and spread the harmful chemicals.

After this incident, three employees of the store were told that they were bothered by breathing. Later they received medical treatment.

Apple news site 9 to 5 Mac reported on Sunday: "The store is closed due to the spread of chemicals, firefighters are working on discovering the indoor air and harmful fumes."

After a battery explosion, Apple employees and firefighters were immediately notified to keep it in a container with Baloo.

The exact cause of this explosion was still unclear.

Apple has started to change the iPhone battery at a lower price than the previous year. It has been mentioned that more such incidents occurred in the previous months despite the fact that there is no relationship with the iPad.

This year, Apple & # 39; s store in Switzerland and Spain was closed due to an iPhone crash. Such accidents did not occur earlier than this year. However, the staff was somewhat blurred at the time.

In the previous week the news about the explosions of the iPhone 6 in a moving car in China was released by the EEC Media.

The explosion is included in the dash-cam of the car. One sees that a woman screams for the horror after the explosion.

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