Apple system hacked teen!

Published: August 17, 2018, 21:44

Apple's main computer network has been hacked by a teenager. Australian media said they had downloaded their own files and hacked their accounts by hacking.

Then on Friday, Apple said that no data was lost by the teenager.

The 16-year-old Melbourne youth from the network of the American company Kan hacking. The lawyer told the court that he had infiltrated the Apple system several times in the past year.

The Age newspaper from Australia reported that the teenager had downloaded 90 GB of protected files and entered the customer's account.

After having informed the FBI about the capture of the Apple infiltration Do it. Later the FBI told the Australian Federal Police (AFP).

The Australian police searched the boy's home and received two laptops, a cell phone and a hard drive that was used to hack Apple's system.

The hacked information was hacked The magazine said the file was stored in a file called & # 39; Hack & # 39 ;. The news also reported that the hacker also expressed his pride in WhatsApp accounts.

The punishment of the hacker will be issued on September 20th. His name has not been published because of his youthful criminal.

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