Asus brought a fashionable laptop

The Taiwan technology brand Asus brought new laptops to the country's market. Model Asus VivoBook S530 laptop It is designed for fashion-conscious generations.

The VivoBook S-series new laptop from ASUS has been developed in full swing. The clear color design will add a new dimension to the young generation and the fashion-conscious personality.

These laptops can be found in Farmament Green, Star Gray, Silver Blue, Gun Metal and I-bike Gold.

Firmament Green has a fabric around the keyboard, with a textured finish, where the Icecream Gold brush is designed in Finnish design.

Not only the external design, the Asus VivoBook S530 will have many new functions.

Another great feature of the notebook is the design, "Argolfit Hinges & # 39; – the notebook opens and the back rises slightly above the notebook and the board creates a 3.5 degree bend. This makes the typing experience just as comfortable as on the desktop computer.

On the other hand, this design helps to improve the cooling system of the laptop, because this helps in the flow of the wind at the back of the laptop. The Asus VivoBook S530 also has a three-dimensional Nano Edge display – which reduces the battery by about 86% of its screen-to-video ratio. The result is that the display is more fun than other laptops.

Laptop can charge up to 60%, which can only charge 60% for 49 minutes. The Asus VivoBook S series offers a battery life that allows a battery backup of up to 3 times the normal lithium-ion battery with a powerful battery. The laptop is only 1.8 kg lightweight with so many functions.

Because the size is small, the laptop is easy to pack in a backpack or a cover. For better security, there are genuine Windows 10 biometric fingerprint sensors that support Windows hello security.

Asus VivoBook S530, Intel's powerful processor of the eighth generation, with 2400 bus speed 8 GB DDR 4 RAM, which can be expanded to 16 GB user. To ensure better graphics performance, it will also be 2 GB Nvidia G-Force MX 130 / MX 150 images. Dual storage designs available in storage – 1 terabyte hard drive that can be found with Solid State Hybrid or Solid State Drive.

The Asus laptop is available throughout the country this month. The laptop market price starts at Tk 47 thousand.

(Dhaka Times / October 15 / AZ)

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