Google collects information data: the quotation experts

Do you use Android devices? Where do you use it? This is your privacy.

Google has collected location data or location information for anyone using Android devices. Experts excel in Google's location inventory event.

According to experts, Google's methods are pretty frightening. Because the confidentiality of personal data is not protected, the planet may be in danger.

Google collects this information via the Google Dark Pattern, even if the location lock is blocked. Google manages their information by misleading customers via Google.

If Google's attention is focused, however, the complainants of collecting information will be accepted. At the same time it was said that these data are not permanently used or stored for any purpose.

This program is not new for collecting customer data. In 2016, a company called Acewweed was accused of collecting location data from customers via software.

Similar complaints were also made against the tasty Uber taxi provider of the United States.

Source: News Tech Crunch

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