Google does not make a separate search engine for China

Map of Google search from China, the government of the country has banished all services of the company. The Chief Executive of the company said Tuesday in a meeting with employees that Google will not make a separate search engine for the near future.

Reuters reports this in a report. The employees of the company ask for a clearer picture of the company's attitude towards this project.

The Chief Executive of the company said the project is at the beginning, but the company will pay attention to the most populated countries in the world, only if the company is in line with the attitude.

Chinese government To get permission from you, you agree to block multiple websites for the search criteria Search engine giant Google According to reports in Reuters has been reported.

Pichai said: "It is not possible to tell us whether the company will launch a search engine in China, but at the moment our staff are evaluating different options."

And in this situation the company has decided to make exactly what the decision is to make the company clear that hundreds of employees from Google.

Drugs contract with US soldiers because of unrest Renewal was canceled by Giant of Silicon Valley.

The news on Tuesday brought the New York Times S the first time. Although Google has refused to comment on this topic.

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