Google monitor measures square meters!

Publish: August 17, 2018, 19:54

Whether or not the mobile location service is on the mobile, Google has registered the account of users on mobile devices day and night with their & # 39; Latitude- tagged & # 39 ;. The Associated Press (AP) claims that surveillance is so much that if you have internet access on your Android smartphone or iPhone, the customer's position is fully up to half a meter in the Google Account at any time. In general, the question may arise as to why Google performs such monitoring?

Google has earned a lot of money by selling apps to multiple companies, as well as experts, as well as to the AP.
Just continue logging in to your Google Account ( You will be surprised to see that Google has created a fully personalized advertising profile or psychographic profile for you, by analyzing multiple personal information, including your age-gender-education-relationship status. Not only on the internet, but you also have all the information about using third-party apps ( Google's gliders.

Actually when opening an account on the Internet or a third-party app on mobile devices What are you looking forward to during the installation on & # 39; Fast & # 39; to click in the Google installation?

100 percent of people do not want to read this fine print, but do not do it. As a result, Google can keep an eye on everyone who wants to spy on it, but it is not possible to know much about the information about someone. Many people unknowingly or deliberately leave the Google Map Location service & # 39; On & # 39; stand on their account or smartphone. As a result, the file will be saved on a specific page on Google ( where you are going. Per turn, how many ways have passed, in the car and on the location of Google. The process claims on behalf of the organization or a customer & # 39; offs & # 39; the location service is not registered and Google does not include that information.

But the Associated Press (AP) claims in a sensational investigation that Google's allegations are false. Every time the customer has the app & # 39; Google Map & # 39; on your smartphone without your permission, Google records the time at which you have a snapshot of that location and retrieves it in your own reserve. Not so much about Google Map related. Without a map, Google only searches with special keywords such as & # 39; keyword & # 39; (for example, "chocolate chip cookies" or "kids science kits") in Google Browser, but Google says it sees the location of mobile devices. Their further claims, this location recording is perfect up to square meters. As a result, 200 million Android smartphones and many iPhone customers worldwide use Google to steal their location data.

When asked about Google's research report on the AP, their spokespersons assumed responsibility as usual: & # 39; Location History, Web & App The location of Google's account holder and c through multiple services such as activities and location service at device level Successfully try to improve Google's experience. This is done in the interest of the customer. If you want to, however, you can stop them when they are happy. & # 39;

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