Google offers cloud storage services to customers

Google Drive now says the meaning of a thing. That means Google Drive storage is now Google One. You can store the information in the cloud via this service. The Senate website states that One Cloud Storage from Google is now accessible to everyone. This is the new way to buy online storage from Google. Previously, there was the convenience of buying storage facilities from Google Drive storage.

The Google One service was announced in May. For those who bought Google Drive with money, it was going on. Now everyone can log in to Google Anne. If you do not have a Google Drive account yet.

Now it is available in the United States. It will soon be launched in other countries.

Google will not take Google Drive out of Google It works just like DropBox on Google's cloud service. Before Drive, information about Drive, Gmail, and Google photos could be kept together. They are now called Google One together. In Google One, you can now manage the Google One app by purchasing storage space.

Google has introduced a number of new features as a result of rewinding. Allows you to share your storage space with five members of the family. Google also offers special customer service.

Apps, music or films can be purchased with the help of free Google Play credits. Apart from this, consumers will receive special privileges.

15 GB of Google One storage space can be found for free with a Google account. However, there are packages ranging from 100 GB to 30 terabytes for the purchase of money. Details about the Google One Signup page are known.

Google authorities said they will update their paid Google Drive subscribers to Google One Services in the next few months. After starting from the United States, it will be introduced in other countries. However, this does not affect business customers of GSUIT.

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