How do you know if the charger of your smartphone is fake?

Today the demand for smartphones increases every day and with that the phone has collected fake telephones with acesseries. At this moment the battery charge on most smartphones will soon expire. One of the reasons is the fake charger, usually selling online or local stores fake loaders to the customer. As a result, serious charges such as explosion occur due to the charging problem of the telephone. So let's look at the fake loader today.

IPhone has a lot of fake chargers on the market, but it is true that identifying fake signs of the iPhone is very difficult. But the exact Apple Charger is written on "Design by Apple California & # 39;

The fake charger from Samsung is on the market, but if we are a bit cautious, the fake charger from Samsung can detect. The text printed on the charger indicates the difference between Samsung's fake charger and the original charger. If the & # 39; A + & # 39; and # 39; Made in China & # 39; are written on the charger, then it is assumed that fake loaders.

The most popular brand is Shaomi.Shawami phone charger, it is no more than 120 centimeters long and if it is higher, it is not real. And if the adapter is too large, it is understandable that it is a fake charger.

Another brand is the Vanplus, the real and the fake charger in the vanplus phone is a bit easier to identify. When the genuine Dash Charger plug in the VanPlus telephone becomes a charging symbol or a symbol flash that is not in another traditional charger.

The Huawei phone is also very easy to identify and the fake charger. Look at the information on the adapter at that time with the barcode information of the charger. If the data does not match the correct charger, then it is understandable that fake charger

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