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If you understand that the first 4 characters on a computer's hard drive are lost or lost, valuable data can be stored in advance. The result is to be safe.

1. One of the many possible signs of a hard disk loss is slowing down the computer, hanging repeatedly or following a warning to get a blue screen on the computer.
These signs are always due not only to the reduction of the performance of the hard disk, but also for other reasons. But if you see these characters in a new installation or in Windows safe mode, this will certainly indicate a problem with the hard drive.

II. Save the file without any difficulty, even if the file can not be opened or if the file is copied or if the file disappears.

3. Another indication of many badly working hard disk losses. In the hard disk sectors, the operating system automatically checks the bathroom sector. But it is difficult to identify bad sectors if the drive is more efficient.

4. If there is another type of hard disk on the hard disk, you can assume that your hard disk has been lost. We are usually not ready for the loss of the hard drive. In order to prevent important data (data) from being lost, you must first save the data backup on a different hard disk. Because of the possibility that several hard disks are lost together. In addition, you can also back up data in cloud storage such as Google Drive, One Drive.

Source: The Bengali Tribune
H / 13: 25/28 August

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