IPhone 3 new comes September 3rd!

DHAKA: In September, Apple launches Apple's new Unveiled Apple model every year. This is no exception. On September 12, the world's best technology companies will make their most anticipated program. Now the iPhone three models can be revealed.

The techitrakes also have a lot of attention from September. Because what is the introduction of the market? Apple, how are the new models of the iPhone? And how much can you buy? They wait for answers to such questions.

However, the exact answer can not be published before & # 39; 12 September & # 39; Nevertheless, experts say that during this event three new and modern models of the iPhone will be unveiled. As well as the introduction of new iPads and Apple Watch.

The technology website Engadget says that the new models of the new iPhone can be iPhone-9, iPhone-11 and iPhone-11 Plus. One has a large display, one from the edge to the edge screen and another iPhone -10 like the golden color.

It is also believed that the new iPad screen will be bigger than ever. There are also many new innovations on the watch.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 9 was caught by the virus, this year the launch of the Apple launch program this year could mean that technicians might be postponed by technicians. That is why, maybe this will not be known in the last week of August, the date is expected. Because in other years it was known a long time ago when Apple's program would be.

Eventually, on Thursday (August 30) with international invitations to Apple, it was announced that the program starts at noon local time on 12 September.

Time of Bangladesh: 1508 August 31, 018

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