New iPhone can be added to Stylus –

The first
During Apple's exposure, Apple founder Steve Jobs said: & # 39; Who wants stylish? & # 39;
In contrast to this genre, Apple gets the first styling support for the iPad Pro. Now the stylus
The new iPhone could come, as has been said in the British Tabloid Mirror Report

Apple Pencil can be used like the iPad on the new iPhone. Bluetooth connection
It can be attached to the iPhone.

The large screen can be saved on all iPhones of the year. So these devices are suitable for styling
It is believed that it will be.

According to the report of Media Economic News, chip provider
The app works with Ilan. Parts of high-quality stylus accessory maker Wakam
Provides this company.

Apple iPad is large and compatible with the iPad.
But this is not the case with the iPhone. So the small Apple format for the new iPhone
The question is whether the pencil will be brought.

Apple would be able to unveil three new IPhone iPhones every year during the Apple event in September
Is expected to be revealed.

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