Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will burst in the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

This time the digital counter: Samsung suffers from the fire accident with the smartphone Two years ago in the Galaxy Note 7, the image of the South Korean company was hit by a massive earthquake after the explosion. They do not want to keep it for the new problem. Samsung & # 39; s Galaxy Note 9 smartphone fire that recently took place in the market in a woman's handbag in New York. This incident took place earlier this month. That is why the woman filed the case against the organization.

According to Samsung, only one complaint about the Galaxy Note 9 has been submitted to them. The case is being investigated.

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Woman claimed that the use of the Galaxy Note 9 smartphone was very hot during use. Then he kept it in his own moneybag. In the moment you hear a sound in the bag. Then smoke began to come out of his handbag. After the phone was submerged, the sound and smoke were stopped.

Two years ago, in the aftermath of the explosion in the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung had to be rude to Samsung. They were forced to withdraw from the market within one month of the launch. Instead, customers received the new Galaxy Note 7. But customers are also concerned about the security and value of the new phone. That is why Samsung stopped the production and delivery of Galaxy Note 7.

The Galaxy Note 8 from South Korea launched this push. Although it has not conquered customers Many customers have complained about the battery backup.

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