Sexting can end, the next phone to be launched is 6T

Your mind is still speculating about buying Vanplus Sixes today? Have you been put in the bag and have you heard any complaints about the Vanplus Six? If you have not bought it, then stand still. And only a few days. OnePlus 6T, the company's second flagship smartphone, will be launched in October. CNET source news, the price can be 38,387 rupees in the Indian market.

The report states that the flagship of the next generation of Chinese companies could only highlight the United States. Vanplus signed the contract with T-Mobile. OnePlus 6T becomes the first smartphone to do business in the United States.

Vanplus has always worked with the T-Mobile network. But for this new version, Vanplus plans to send 600 Mhz operators to the US to check whether there is a problem with the network. But the company hopes to receive technical approval from OnePlus 6T

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Unfortunately, no information was found about the specifications and functions of OnePlus 6T. In a recently reported report, OnePlus 6T was widely inspired by Oppo & # 39; s R17. The feature will be full of advanced features such as functions, different volumes of nails, under-display fingerprint sensors, the upcoming phone. The smartphone can be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, which is currently located in OnePlus 6.

At the moment, the great success of the latest flagship, the Vanpleas Six, gadget world has been made apparent. OnePlus 6 is launched in May of this year In India the price of the phone starts from 34999 taka.

In the 10 minutes of the first cell the company was 100 million dollars, the Vanplas Six The prospect of the telephone surrounding the social network site was visible. According to the information published in IANS, the company's general manager, Bikash Agarwal, said that one plus five hundred million dollars were trading all day long. There was a 10-minute episode of Vanplus Six. The turn of OnePlus 6T

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