Ten times more than the toilet seat in the microbes

If someone thinks that the toilet is the most dirty place in the house or office-court, where the germs roam in the heart, they can take a look at their own smartphones.

Although not seen in the eyes of the naked eye, although this smartphone has ten times as many bacteria as the toilet seat. This information is not available to anyone, this information emerged in the investigation. Research done by Insurans II Go discovered that there are more germs on the screen, buttons on the back, lock buttons and toilet seats in house buttons and flush.

This study was conducted by residents of the UK, Gazette Insurance Foundation, a British insurance company, It has been said – it can be assumed that residents of the United Kingdom do not clean the smartphone. More than a third of smartphone users do not clean smartphones with clear liquids or the like – the British Tabloid Mirror reported.

The report states that only one of the 20 people in the country released a smartphone every six months. This study was conducted with three popular smartphone users. Among them are Apple & # 39; s iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel user. The study investigates the habitat of aerobic bacteria, fungi and microbes.

If the habitat of the germ is only in every square centimeter, it is considered non-infected. The amount of this device on the smartphone screen is 2.454.9, where the toilet seats and coil units are only 24

Elite aesthetics about how this genetic smartphone can affect skin and health. Shirin Lakhani said: "Our smartphone is really a skin dirt, and there is a large part of the skin problem that causes acne, and suggested that the bacteria should be free of regular cleaning of the smartphone with alcohol.

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