That is why Apple App stores 25,000 apps

Apple removed 25,000 apps from the Chinese App Store a few days ago. There are 18 million apps in the App Store, according to CCTV News from Chinese state television. From there, Apple has removed 25,000 apps.

The discussion has been going on for a few days. The reason behind the removal of the app has been revealed. But by the end of the mystery mystery has been opened by Apple's statement. The organization said that illegal apps in the app store have been removed to reduce the fake activities and in the light of the government's request. Originally tried to remove gambling related apps.

The company also said that the app with regard to gambling-related information can be submitted to the verified account of the business owner. The app is distributed via the app store, regardless of whether it is delivered or later.

Last year, Apple had removed 700 Virtual Private Network (VPN) apps from Apple's App Store. VPN apps mainly use banned apps in the country.

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