The secret of snow & # 39; came out of the ice! (Video)

The secret of snow & # 39; came out of the ice! (Video)

Photo & # 39; s made from the video

The place of residence or a city under the ice – perhaps less likely to hear it. But news about such an incident has been published by the International Press of Daily Mirror.

A YouTube channel called "Conspiracy Depot" finds some mysterious structures in remote areas of Antarctica. None of these structures were built for the need for research.

But there is detailed information about all research centers in Antarctica. Until now there was no research center in the region. If there would be such a large study center, it would have been known before.

After the video was released on YouTube, it became viral. Many people have responded to the video. Many commented, it could be a bunker.

A powerful person or organization might have prepared it during the nuclear war. Or it could be a polluted air strip that the finchers used.

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