Three times more dirty smartphones than comod!

( If you think the dirtiest place is to go to the toilet, look again at the smartphone in your own hands.

Indian media, Hindustan Times reported that a recent study found that three The quality of the germs is more on the screen of the smartphone.

The insurance company InsuranceTunes, located in the United Kingdom, examines this information. A third of the participants in the company's research has never completed the display of smartphones.

The company has tested three smartphones for research. These are: iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy 8 and Google pixels.

These smartphones collected from certain areas have been tested and tested for aerobic bacteria, oysters and fungi. It has been found that all smartphones contain harmful bacteria. The maximum number of phones on the touch screen is available.

An average of 84.9 unit germs was found per square centimeter of the display of tested smartphones. On the other hand, the maximum 24 unit sprouts on the compode and the handle. Researchers found the presence of 30 unit germs, an average of 23.88 germs on the telephone and 10.6 units of the home button for locking the phone.

The study also found that these germs in the display of the smartphone cause various types of health risks, including skin conditions.

Gary Baston, an insurance company institute, said: "We are mostly smartphones Turn around this way Bacteria are nested in many places in the phone."

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