Windows 10 updates come in October

The German technology giant has released the new update Windows 10 October 2012 & # 39; announced at the IFA 2015 Technology Event in Berlin, Germany. More than 70 million Windows 10 devices will see new features and improvements in this update – news from IANS.

"With this update, we will bring new features and improvements to more than 70 million devices running Windows 10 that will ensure the best use of their time," said Rowan Sons, Microsoft's vice president at a blog post on Friday.

In addition to the announcement of the Windows 10 update, the Lenovo unveiled the Snapdragon 850 with Lenovo the & # 39; Yoga C630 & # 39; Windows on the Snapdragon laptop. This laptop is being unveiled as part of the expansion of the integrated PC experience.

"Assocham and HP's connected PCs, such as Lenovo Yoga C 360 WOS, which were sold early this year, ensure that our wide range of products keep our customers connected and happy," said Microsoft Corporate Vice President Aryan Chappell.

In April of this year, Microsoft released the latest Windows 10 updates.

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