Anti-Iran & # 39; Action Group & # 39; formation in the United States World news

The formation of the & # 39; Anti-Iran & # 39; Action Group & # 39; in the United States

After the United States unilaterally withdrawn from Iran's nuclear deal, Washington formed a group called Iran Action Group & # 39; On Thursday, US Secretary of State Mike Pampo announced the name of this action group at a press conference. This group will take care of the problems and policies of Iran with regard to the policy and coordination of their country.

Mike Pampo said the head of the Iran Action Group or the IAG will head the policy planning director Brian Hook of the US Department of State.

He said that we are committed to our government to bring about the behavioral changes of Iran. Our efforts will always continue. The group, formed in Iran, is focused on monitoring the general activities of Iran. At the same time, this group has contact with all our respective countries to learn all the details of Tehran.

Pampo said that the IAG will lead to things that our like-minded countries agree with our ideological ideology and will work to combat the possible threat of Iran. He said that this group was formed to coordinate and implement the policy towards Iran. In this period he blamed Iran for violence, violence and tensions in the Middle East, including the Middle East.

The US Secretary of State said the IAG will submit their report directly to the US State Department. In this period he said that the new sanctions against Iran have been suspended to stop Iran's support for terrorism.

By the way, critics look different than the creation of this new American group. They say it will not solve the problem, on the contrary, Iran-US will go in the direction of war. -Al Jajira

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