At knee injury, De Bruyne

Midfielder Kevin de Bruyne of Manchester City suffered from knee injuries during the preparation. In a statement from the CAB, this information has been confirmed to confirm that the injury level is still not well known. The 27-year-old Belgian midfielder will know the details after scanning the knee.
Later, with the help of a stool, De Bruyneck saw walking. It is speculated that he will soon be moving to Barcelona for the next exam. After studying his knee injury in January 2016, he was treated by doctor Ramos Kugat. He is willing to give the necessary treatment this time. Kugat was also treated for serious ligament injuries in fellow townman EK Gundogan and Benjamin Mendey. [1 945 9 003] City Right-Back, Kyle Walker, said: "Kevin is an excellent player. What happened to him in practice is really tragic. But we have more players in the team. We never trust a player. This is a team game, everyone can read the injuries at any time. Of course, his absence is a great loss to us. But then we continue. "
Russia participated in the practice of City on 6 August after completing his holiday in Belgium in the semi-finals of Belgium in the World Cup Kevin was dropped for the 60th minute as a replacement for a 2-0 victory at Arsenal in the Premier League on Sunday, now in the middle of the road, the city is owned by David de Silva, Bernado de Silva and Gundogan.

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