Bengali aeronetic Arif Reza, who was involved in making the Boeing 787

Biman is ready to take part in the Boeing 787 Dreamliner fleet and is part of the design of an aviation engineer in Bangladesh. This young American graduated from the University of Engineering and now works at the end of higher education at the world's best aviation university Boing A The latest model airplane 787 is connected to the Dreamliner design and work, but now he is working to the latest series 777X from Boeing. Dreams emphasize Bangladesh with pride for the world.

Arif Reza, an engineer in the field of aircraft technology, works in the United States, Boeing Airlines. The study of that began with the engineering of the University of Bangladesh at the University of Engineering. Later this young Bangladeshi meritorious scholarship went to the United States. With the desire to get a youth wish, finally get the opportunity to follow higher education at the famous American University of Economy, MBRie Ridel. Then the work with Boeing, a world-famous aircraft maker, started in the 787 Dreamliner design and construction. And the world's most advanced model, the aircraft will carry the flag of Bangladesh, proud of it.

The aircraft manufacturing technician Arif Reza of the Boeing company said, we looked at the skeletons, suddenly saw the BNP, I said it was a country, It is very happy to see these planes in my country. These aircraft are completely made of new technology. Many people do not have a Seven Eight Seven in the country either. However, I am proud to be involved with this aircraft.

Advanced training of domestic workers is essential for the maintenance and management of the modern aircraft, said Arif Reza. He also said that the Bangladesh Biman will get many benefits from these aircraft. 787 It is composed of composite, light or plane. However, it requires a training from everyone to ensure.

However, the secretary of civil aviation and tourism said that pilots, cabin crew and other personnel have already completed training on various topics for the modern aircraft of the Boeing

Civil Aviation and Tourism Secretary said that the aircraft with which we plane must handle enough experience. There is not much difference with the Triple Seven Trian Horns (777300) or 787. The differences are also given to them.

This year two more, another two in the coming year, the total number of 4 Dreamliners-787 Biman Bangladesh Biman is expected to be added. protection status

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