Kiss for the police, arrested couple | Latest BD news

If there is rain outside and loved outside, you can save yourself. But now Pakistani youth is arrested in connection with the incident. In the kiss, the boyfriend was arrested by the police.

The incident took place in the city center in Islamabad. On Wednesday morning there was enough audience in the neighborhood. In the crowd the young girl, who sat in her car to write stories in the car, in the car, rises. Then it starts closer. The car was not taken into account by those who were nearby,

Achemkai came on the spot and the police arrived in Islamabad. But they still did not get lost. Actually isolated from the busy world around, and they constantly kiss each other for the police.

But they still did not worry. They were so busy in the busy world around the world that they were pretty different from each other. The police arrested the accused couple. Although they were later released on bail. Twenty-two couples in Pakistan are often confronted with intimidation.

Bangladesh Time: 1347 hours, August 17, [1 9459008] Latest news BBC News / BN

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