South Korean girls are not willing to have children

The women in South Korea are more risky than marrying and do not take children. Even women are reluctant to get involved in men. South Korea is one of the few countries in the world. If there is no change in the current situation, the population will go down in the country.

"I will never take a child, I have no plan," said the 24-year-old Jang Yan-wah. He is not ready to assume the physical responsibility for taking a child. He thinks he can cause a professional loss if he is born.

Yan-wah is a comic strip seller. He has had a hard time achieving the position he currently holds.

He does not want to lose his hard earned professional achievement. "I love being alone and independent instead of being part of a family," Yan-wah said.

Many South Korean women like Yan-Wah think that professional excellence and family – they are also not together. To place one, you have to leave one. This is their conception.

There is a law in South Korea that if a woman is pregnant, she should not be discriminated against. But the reality is different.

The story of Cho-Moon-Jeanong is like that. When he told the senior officer at his office that he was pregnant, he had a very bad reaction.

He was surprised by the behavior of a senior officer.

"My boss said that would be your attention if you have a child Are you going to work?" Choi Moon-Jean spoke at that moment.

At that time he worked as a tax accountant.

The senior official of the office pressed the burden of the work on him and complained that Munn-Jean did not pay any attention to the job.

One day he could become unconscious at the office. Moon-Jean, who was forced to leave his job, created a situation where his senior official said: "There are many people around me who do not have children and they are not going to take children," Mun-Jeanong said.

Economic progress of South Korea The reasons for this are: hard work, hard work, concentration of work. For these reasons, the country has been known from the Third World as one of the world's largest economies in the last 50 years.

But in this case the contribution of women is ignored. But despite the country's enormous economic progress, social attitudes to women have not changed. Ian-Wai said that women are seen as entertainment for men.

Although a girl is a laborer, she is responsible for raising the child after her birth.

Yan-wao said she is not married, she does not want a boyfriend. One of the reasons is that child pornography is likely to fall victim to a friend of a boy.

After disrupting the relationships, many boys in South Korea have distributed the intimate photos of their girls on the internet. This is a big problem now in South Korea. There is also the possibility of physical torture by the boy friends or husbands.

This shows why there are fewer births in South Korea. The wedding rate in the country is now at the lowest level. 5.5 percent per thousand The rate was 9.2 percent in 1970.

Another important reason to get married or have children is the cost of living. There is a big change in the South Korean social system for these reasons.

This resulted in the & # 39; Sampa Generation & # 39; that was created in the country. The word & # 39; Sampa & # 39; means to exclude three things – relationships, marriages and children.


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