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7 cases of tapeworm in Rennes, the sushi involved

At Rennes University Hospital, seven patients were diagnosed with tapeworm fish, "an exceptional number in such a short period of time," says Florence Robert-Gangneux, professor in the parasitology laboratory – mycology University Hospital, quoted by 20 minutes.

More commonly known as "tapeworms", tapeworms are flatworms that parasitize the digestive tract of vertebrates. Taniasis is the disease that is determined by the presence of adult tapeworms in the small intestine of humans. As the worm grows, it can cause digestive disorders and appetite in the first few months after the infection. But when the worm has matured, it is often well tolerated and shows no symptoms.

Polluted by imported fish

The CHU survey estimates that sushi, maki, and other sashimi are responsible for the epidemic. "It was realized that all patients were Japanese restaurant customers or regular sushi consumers," says Florence Robert-Gangneux, "and because none of them had recently traveled to Japan or the North Pacific, they had necessarily been contaminated by imported fish."

Since these restaurants do not cook fish, those who do not freeze them do not kill the lonely potential that is there. To overcome tapeworm, doctors usually write a pest control agent such as praziquantel or niclosamide. Once dead, the tapeworm is expelled through natural channels with stools.

Persistent digestive disorders

In the case of persistent digestive disorders, Professor Robert-Gangneux recommends "consulting and conducting a parasitic study in stool". This is important because "anemia can develop in the long term". Very rare complications can also occur, such as appendicitis or bowel obstruction. The worm can also trigger human cysticercosis, which can severely damage various organs such as the eye, heart, spinal cord and brain.

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