A kilometer charge for electric cars!

To be precise, the two states of Australia, South Australia and the state of Victoria, now levy this tax of 1.2 and 1.5 cents respectively. According to authorities, this is a way to offset losses in excise duties on fossil fuels, ahead of the announced sprawl of electric cars. It is therefore 20 million euros that must flow back into the treasury of the two states concerned.

Soon in Belgium?

All our Belgian governments reiterate word of mouth the need to get out of the heat engine at all costs, with huge bonuses and tax breaks for electrified cars. The Australian authorities’ sighting will also have to be made here in the coming years.

It should be remembered that in Belgium the various taxes, excise duties and VAT represent 70.7% of the fuel price at the pump, which in itself constitutes a de facto kilometer charge , at most against payment). It would therefore not be impossible to see such measures taken here in the not so distant future as well.

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