A mother cleans up her son’s things and without realizing it throws up more than 500.00 euros: “I’m going to kill someone”

‘I’m going to kill someone. The employee of a video game store in New York told Twitter about his terrible accident. He says he found out in late November that his mother had taken the initiative to throw away all the video games he’d collected for decades …

“I just found out my mom threw away ALL my PS1 games. More than 500 games, half of which are still sealed, ”writes this enthusiast who assures us that the value of his collection was“ well over $ 500,000, ”explains a New York video game store employee on Twitter.

A terrible accident when his mother just wanted to clean up. The value of this collection may seem overrated, but keep in mind that some games are worth gold these days. Especially since the mother didn’t stop at games: “She also threw my Atari, my Coleco, my Intellivision, my Famicoms, my MegaDrive, my Master System …” But also a NeoGeo AES. Very rare consoles sold at high prices today.

The Twitter network has removed his message due to the death threats. The collector then apologized for the ‘loss of control’.

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