Adrien Trebel operated and was probably absent until January

"Still brave Sunday, performed today. We wish our captain a quick recovery", tweeted Tuesday afternoon Anderlecht. Adrien Trebel, who had been suffering from a pubicgia for a long time, even went to Munich Monday to be operated on the abdominal muscles.

The intervention, according to different media, would be carried out by Ulrike Muschaweck, a leading German specialist in this type of operation. She has even practiced a good one since 1993.

the Englishman Michael Owen (ex Liverpool and Real Madrid, among others), in 2007, but also the former Danish striker Anderlecht Ole-Martin Aarst, in 2012, not included Steven Gerrard, Mario Balotelli, Marco Verratti, Alan Shearer and others have fallen into the hands.

Although this type of surgery usually involves a long break of ten weeks, Ulrike Muschaweck has guaranteed that Trebel can resume the collar in less than a month. the formerRouche however, is not going to return until January.

Even if he is not sure that he will not feel any pain, he wants to be in good shape for Playoff I.

On Sunday, as mentioned in the tweet, Trebel contributed to the victory (2-0) against La Gantoise, which allowed Mauves back to a point of Bruges and Antwerp, 2nd and 3rd, in the classification of the Pro League.

Trebel played eighteen games and has scored two goals since the start of the season.

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