Android Auto will soon be launched in Belgium

Google’s in-car navigation system will be deployed in 36 new countries around the world, including Belgium.

Google has just announced the implementation of its Android Auto embedded system in various regions of the world, including Europe, Asia and Africa. An implementation that should have taken a long time since the Android Auto redesign is over a year old. So this is good news for car owners with a touch-sensitive connected dashboard. The latter will indeed be able to benefit from it the new version of Android Auto.

If connected cars already offered various onboard features through their touchscreen interface, Android Auto will allow them to take advantage of a wider choice of capabilities through mobile applications. Android Auto allows users to download various mobile applications in a simplified version, designed for the car and taking advantage of a much more intuitive interface than before.

Easy travel

As a reminder, Android Auto is a version of Google’s mobile operating system designed for the car. It is integrated into the car dashboard and allows you to take advantage of many mobile applications such as Maps, Waze or Spotify by simply connecting your smartphone to your car dashboard.

There it is also possible to read your text messages, but also to make calls without having to hold your smartphone in your hand. The driver can keep an eye on the road while chatting with his correspondent, without a hands-free kit.

The interface is fully customizable as the user can choose which apps to display and arrange them as they wish.

If your car is compatible and your smartphone has at least Android 9, you just need to connect it to your car to display Android Auto on the interface.

A variety of options

As you can see, Android Auto makes life easier for drivers and their passengers through a simplified interface, but in addition to navigation and voice calling, the built-in system allows you to stay connected. Indeed, it is possible to research on the internet and install various applications as mentioned above.

Indeed, since the overhaul of the built-in Android system, it is possible to take advantage of additional applications such as News, Calendar, Weather or Reminder. Voice commands are also taken into account and understood by the Google Assistant virtual assistant, just like the mobile version of Android.

The new version of Android Auto was launched a year ago in different regions of the world. It should arrive in Belgium very soon, in the coming months, without further details.

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