Bart De Wever does not want to relax before Christmas: “What Bouchez does is not correct”

If he can usually be critical of federal decisions, this time Bart De Wever amply supports the strict measures imposed by the Consultation Committee for the holidays.
‘It seems natural to me not to argue for relaxation of the rules at Christmas“said the chairman of the N-VA on the set of the VRT this Friday evening.

Bart De Wever also returned to the words of Patrick Lecerf (MR), mayor of Hamoir, who announced openly on Tuesday that he intended to celebrate Christmas surrounded by his relatives: “I think it is dangerous when the Bourgmestres say they will not respect the rules. I am also bourgmestre and I swore to the governor that I would respect and enforce the law“.

Christmas means people are moving and you are going to mix generations and bubbles. These are three dangerous factors for the virus. So you won’t hear me begging for relaxation“continued the Flemish nationalist.

“It does not make any sense”

The mayor of Antwerp then criticized the attitude of the chairman of the MR, Georges-Louis Bouchez, who repeatedly proposed a relaxation of the rules for the end-of-year celebrations. “What Bouchez does is wrong “, he said.

A spike to which the French-speaking liberal quickly responded on Twitter, specifying that his requests for relaxation were always driven by favorable health conditions: “You forget, like some others, to mention my systematic addition” if the numbers allow it at the time“”.

Regarding the controversy of the mayor of Hamoir, Georges-Louis Bouchez wished to reassure Bart De Wever: “Rest assured that the mayor will respect the measures. After all, mayors are responsible for law enforcement

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