Christie Morreale: “8, 9, 10 months, maybe a year to vaccinate everyone who wants it”

The Walloon Health Minister Christie Morreale (PS) commented on the Belgian vaccination plan.

C.hristie Morreale (PS) was the guest of the morning of the premiere. The Minister of Health of the Walloon government commented on the Belgian vaccination plan.

Christie Morreale also noted that it is the residents and staff of residential care centers who will be the first to get vaccinated against the corona virus. That was indeed communicated on Thursday after the Interministerial Conference on Public Health (IMC). “We go on site, in nursing homes, to vaccinate residents and staff.” “We can’t guarantee it will happen in a month, it still represents 100,000 people,” she said.

For nursing staff this will be done in hospitals and health centers.

The different stages

After the residential care centers, a decision is made on the vaccination of both the staff of collective care institutions and their volunteers. It is then up to healthcare providers in hospitals and primary care to decide if they want to receive the vaccine. Then it is the turn of non-medical personnel in hospitals and health institutions.

In a fourth major phase, these are people over 65, followed by people aged 45 to 65 with underlying health problems.

The next series of vaccines will target people with important social or economic functions. Exactly what this means has yet to be determined in the coming weeks.

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