Clash in Verviers between the cartel and Ecolo

Left: the ecologists from Verviers want to join a majority, but don’t want Muriel Targnion. On the right: the cartel would like to remain in the majority, but keep Muriel Targnion there. It would allow a liberal – Maxime Degey – to become mayor. They have been discussing for two months to set up a new college. The PS sees how they tear each other apart and hopes to win the mayor.


On Friday evening, the cartel issued a press release. He accuses Ecolo of excluding himself from the solution and of imposing exclusivity on people. “In two months of discussions, it has never been possible to evoke the slightest basic element. ECOLO has indeed only raised questions about people and skills so far. Their“ priorities ”(announced in reflection, then number 100, then 30 ) have not been submitted to us, despite our requests, ECOLO requires a signed prior agreement before disclosing them.

So far all requested exclusives are attributable to ECOLO negotiators. Never with the cartel. And contrary to what they present as unacceptable, all of their exclusives are linked to people. “

Environmentalist Hajib Elhajjaji replies that he doesn’t want to go to a university where Muriel Targnion would sit or a majority that would support them: Muriel Targnion is the problem. She cannot be part of the solution. Ecolo does not want his group “de Indignados verviers” either and wonders what the reliability is of the independent Bernard Piron and the liberal Freddy Breuwer.

A phone call to remove the plug

If the cartel responds in a statement this Friday, it is because Hajib Elhajjaji called the members of the cartel on Thursday evening and Friday morning. Green “withdraws the decision by a majority in which the Indignados (Targnion group) would be involved. […]“. After two months of discussion, a majority MR – Nouveau Verviers – CDH – Piron – Ecolo, so it is no longer a question.

Does this amount to seeking a solution with the PS? Yes. The ecologists discussed in parallel with the socialists. “We believe at Ecolo that the chosen PS is a more stable partner to form a majority than the Indignados (Targnion group).” Ecolo does not close the door to the cartel: “I think a stable majority must be reached with representatives of the cartel and representatives of the PS” Hajib Elhajjaji shade. So officially there is still the possibility to talk to each other despite the collision. The cartel also says the opposite “available to other political parties – and even ECOLO – to build the stable majority that everyone is asking for”.

I hold you, you hold me …

We tear each other apart, but we spare ourselves. In the political game of Verviers, no one can win alone. Everyone is held by the goatee. To send the PS to the opposition and install a liberal in the mayor, the cartel needs Ecolo. In order to stay in power and put a socialist in the mayor, the PS needs Ecolo, but that’s not enough: it also requires an agreement with the cartel or with one of the affiliates that it could disconnect. In fact, the cartel has just confirmed its unity in its press release.

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