Collapsed, in Mourning, Matt Pokora announces terrible news to internet users!

On November 7, singer Matt Pokora posted several videos on his Instagram page explaining that he is mourning the death of his friend and producer Cyril Colbeau-Justin.

Matt Pokora regrets it very much. Singer Matt Pokora has been posting regularly to social networks for several months to share his joy as a father. Not long ago on the show 50mn Inside, the artist said: ” I met the mother of my child, she is an American national. Sometimes I go there to see my in-laws, she’s the one who will have a baby so I’m the one who will follow up so I can spend time with my son. It is a subtle balance that we have found that, at the same time, spice up our lives. Obviously, with the arrival of my son, it will take a lot of effort not to be separated for too long. When I said my partner was pregnant when I saw the wave of love it was crazy! It is true that it changed me. In the morning we wake up more with the same thing. When I get home from work, I go home to find my family, my son ”, he had indicated. On November 7, the singer broadcast a very sad news.

Matt Pokora in mourning

This weekend, the famous singer was impressed with information he shared on his Instagram page. He responded to the death of his friend and producer, a certain Cyril Colbeau-Justin. ” Cyril is the first film producer who believes in me and wants to produce a film for me. On will … For you … “, he said, apparently very moved. Several years ago, the singer and producer had become very close, and thanks to Cyril Colbeau-Justin, Christina Milian’s husband would become an actor. During an interview with Télé 7 Jours magazine, Matt Pokora revealed details about this movie role. ” I have a movie project that could start filming in 2016, he had indicated. The original idea belongs to Pierre Ménès and some authors are working on it. I am waiting for the final version of the screenplay. Cyril Colbeau-Justin is the producer ”, he had specified.

The world of entertainment very sad

Matt Pokora isn’t the only one to pay tribute to the producer. Many of the show’s personalities responded. This was the case for Franck Dubosc but also Jean-Luc Reichmann, the very popular presenter, had the opportunity to work on a series with the producer. The producer was highly regarded by the artists. The profession of a producer is not easy. A film producer is responsible for finding funding to run a feature film as well as possible. We therefore have to convince investors, television channels and distributors in France and abroad. The goal is for the project to be profitable, which is never entirely certain.

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