Companies, roads, transport: the failures that are expected this Friday

It is expected that a "wave of strikes" will hit the country this Friday, on the occasion of a day of trade union action. Which stores and companies are closed? Will the NMBS, Stib and TEC be affected? We take stock.

Trade unions warn: a wave of strikes will hit the country this Friday. Organizations that represent employees will lead actions both in Flanders and in Wallonia for a number of reasons: dissatisfaction with the desired pension reform of the government, the failure of difficult negotiations on trade, and the growing excitement about purchasing power. The City of Brussels will remain relatively spared.

The police performs actions on Thursday and Friday

Police unions have activated a warning for 13 and 14 December.
Actions will take the form of meetings "with police entities belonging to the
most important of the country "
says the CSC Police Wednesday.

Police officers
integrated (federal and local police), which will not be claimed, is mentioned
gather for the central police stations of Charleroi and Liège,
as well as for the federal police in Brussels, the CSC police explains. The promotions start Thursday at 6:30 and continue on Friday.

The call has been issued
trade union front, composed of the SCC, from CSPF and SNPS. Trade unions have been complaining for a while
"To attack" against the police status or their pension.
They also complain about the lack
personnel and violence against the police.

The will to strike will be very strong in the region & # 39; s Charleroi – and in particular in the Center (Hainaut) region – and Liège, true 24 hours of interprofessional work interruptions were announced by the FGTB, which is also followed by a common trade union front in Charleroi.

Actions such as company blockades and actions "kick fist"It will be possible to go to the blockades of roads and strategic production points such as zone sources during the day, and a demonstration on the common front will be organized at 11 am for the headquarters of the Federation of Belgian Enterprises (FEB).

  • In the Center region and in Picardy WalloniaAccess to the roundabouts of some large cities, such as Bergen and Tournai, will be delayed by the presence of union members.
  • In Walloon Brabant, a snail operation is performed on the N25 between Nivelles and Waver, until 11 o'clock at night.
  • In Mons and Charleroi, blocking actions on the road are to be expected.
  • In Liege, different zoning and main access points to the principality are blocked.
  • In the province of Namur and Luxembourgthe situation on the road should be quieter.

→ Companies

The trade unions are "surprised" about the great desire to strike among the workers. a lot of companies in the food industry must be closed, according to Pia Stalpaert, chairman of the CSC Food and Services. She expects a number of strikes, including for the security and security sector and the cleaning sector. Pike are also expected for several large companies or banners in Walloon Brabant, Wallonia, the Mons-Borinage region and Luxembourg.

the Carrefour, Delhaize, MediaMarkt and Blokker can be closed.

A strong mobilization is announced in the industry, within companies such as Safran, Inbev, ArcelorMittal, CMI, FN, Chaudfontaine, Derkenne, Prayon or the careers Sagrex in Engis and Moha. Disruptions are also announced in large transport and logistics brands such as Lachs, Swissport, Skechers, Lyreco, Intermarket Base

"Let's not forget that there are demands of employers behind the government plan: it's time for employers to hear employees""says Gaëtan Stas, president of the CSC Liège-Huy-Waremme.

Flanders will also be influenced by actions ranging from strikes to activist meetings, picketing for companies or the organization of extraordinary works councils. The Flemish CSC Metea expects the activities of companies such as Volvo Cars and Volvo Trucks in Ghent, and Asco in Zaventem are disturbed.

→ Public transport

  • Vehicles from TEC There should not be much to circulate on Friday, especially in Liège and Charleroi. In Liege, the strike movement will be widely followed: blocking different deposits is being considered and a "paralysis of the network is not excluded", according to the TEC. In Hainautonly 10% of the services must be provided in the Borinage and the central region, but up to 50% in West Hainaut. In Walloon Brabant72% of the courses must be insured. The TEC bus traffic will also be smoother the province of Namur and in the Luxembourg region (respectively 85% and 96% of buses in circulation).
  • Users of the NMBS should not worry too much because train traffic should not be affected. No notice has been submitted in this sector, according to NMBS and CGSP Cheminots. "If there are failures, they will be very limited"says the railway company. The day of action will probably be noticeable in the public sector.
  • Buses, trams and subways from the STIB must also circulate normally, the Brussels public transport company does not provide for trade union participation in the Friday action.
  • the airports However, they can also experience major disruptions. Brussels Airport advises travelers to bring hand baggage only, which does not mean that it is impossible to register their classic suitcases. The porter's employees (Aviapartner and Swissport) are called to stop working.

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